Our social commitments

We aim to be a major part of the driving force that advocates for improved quality of childhood care; especially in the early development stages, and contribute to building a world where full potential of every child can be realized through optimal cognition, physical, emotional and social development. Within the scope of our social commitment, Gritwel Earlychildhood operates four main business divisions, focused on the core areas of child development; including Education & Crèche, Child stimulation (Toys), Medical care, and Research. All our business divisions have been strategically set-up to achieve our set objectives.

At our advanced crèche centers, we are committed to providing an affordable and world-class standard of earlychildhood learning and care; in the most nurturing and stimulating environment for child development.

At our global toy centers, we sell subsidized high quality educational materials and toys focused on aiding and stimulating child development process. We have toys for different categories of age groups; starting from 0 month to over 10 years. Our internationally trained and technical sales experts advice customers on the type of toys required for achieving different development milestones in children. Our toys aim at supporting developments in the following domains: Cognition & Intelligence, Physical, Social, and Emotional. Our toys research group and technology department develop innovative toys and educational materials.

The Gritwel medical group provides advanced clinical services for monitoring child development from the embryonic stages till delivery. Our services include the state-of-the-art 4D pre-natal scan and embryonic movies starting from week 20 of pregnancy. In the future we plan to provide home services for nursing supports within the first 2 weeks of delivery.

Our research center in The Netherlands engages in multidisciplinary research studies on child developments; building a unified science of health, learning and behaviour. Knowledge generated through our research activities will be shared freely with the society and not treated as a commodity to be jealously protected, kept or sold to make profit. At Gritwel Earlychildhood limited, we aim to use our intellectual properties to raise the quality of childhood experience.

For social purposes, all our costs have been subsidized with investments from our global supporters. We ensure services at Gritwel Earlychildhood are very affordable, and ensuring our reach to support child development.