Research & Developments

Gritwel Earlychildhood Research & Technology Center (GERTC) is located in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

The main objective of our research center is to develop an extensive knowledge base and wide breadth of intellectual resources on child development, through cutting edge research studies. We engage in multidisciplinary research studies on child developments. Our research studies explore the science of cognition development, language/emotional connections, physical skills, and other earlychildhood related topics. We aim to build a unified science of health, learning and behavior to understand the fundamentals of embryonic-early life development process in human and hence develop effective practice models and solutions to improve the quality of earlychildhood care.

Our team of technical research specialists collaborates with universities, external consultants, and child development research companies to conducts studies related to cognition assessment, developmental psychopathology, social impairments, and earlychildhood education. At the moment, we have strong research agreement with STREAM Insights Limited, Nigeria.

Our operations at GERTC would lead to a remarkable explosion of knowledge about the developing brain and the human genome, linked to advances in the behavioral and social sciences. These will improve our understanding of how the foundations of successful adaptation and effective learning in the childhood years lead to better outcomes in academic achievement, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health, and successful parenting of the next generations.

Gritwel Earlychildhood Research & Technology Center is established to provide technical and intellectual insights to all other Gritwel business divisions, located across the globe.

As part of our planned operations, we will engage in activities to improve professional practices and build a high-performing group of individuals who will be committed to promoting excellence in earlychildhood development. Our research center will provide platforms for interdisciplinary dialogue among global community about childhood experience and explore the current state of childhood including issues affecting education, mental and physical wellbeing, from international, cross-cultural, and cross disciplinary perspective.

In the future, we plan to conduct more advanced scientific researches to address child development disorders, such as Behavioural disorders, Emotional literacy, Sensory integration, learning disorders etc.