Our peculiarity & principles as a social enterpise

Unlike profit maximizing companies, at Gritwel Earlychildhood we operate for the benefit of addressing social needs related to child development. We provide a necessary framework for addressing child development challenges by combining our technical expertise on child development and business know-how, with the strong desire to improve quality of life for children. Our organizational framework is based on five working principles:

  • Our business objective is solely to address challenges related to child development, and not for profit maximization.
  • We are financially and economically sustainable, so do not dependent on donations or on private or public grants to survive and to operate. Profits realized by the business are reinvested in the business itself, with the aim of increasing our social impact, improving the products or services or in other ways subsidizing our social mission.
  • As part of our business implementation, we apply social networking protocols and tools in a range of areas, potentially including: Marketing, Customer Support, Recruiting, Crowd sourcing, internal employee collaboration, Sales, Product Development, Supply Chain Operations, and Investor Relations.
  • Knowledge generated through our research activities will be shared freely with the society and not treated as a commodity to be jealously protected, kept or sold to make profit. At Gritwel Earlychildhood limited, we aim to use our intellectual properties to raise the quality of childhood experience.
  • The relationship between all our executives, employees and customers can be referred to as a family. We all share the same vision as a social company, and give our commitments with joy.