Our mission

At Gritwel Earlychildhood, we have lived by a set of core values that define who we are, shape our behavior, and set us apart from others. We have created a vision and mission statement to articulate our purpose and succinctly communicate our strategic path.

Our mission can be expressed in terms of six broad goals:

  • We aim to be a major part of the driving force that advocates for improved quality of earlychildhood development and care, and contribute to building a world where full potential of every child can be realized. All our business divisions are strategically established to support this goal. Gritwel Earlychildhood will foster positive strategies and initiate best practices which promote children’s developmental success.
  • To provide an affordable and world-class standard of earlychildhood development services, which guarantees optimal cognition, physical, emotional and social development in every child. At Gritwel, we will consider best policies and practices for supporting a positive childhood experience and addressing the challenge that threaten childhood. We will focus on ensuring that all children real-life in their lives at home or away.
  • We aim to support families; especially across sub-Saharan Africa, to meet the exceptional developmental needs of their children in the early stages, and educate them about the scientific importance of earlychildhood education on child development.
  • To develop an extensive knowledge base and wide breadth of intellectual resources on child development, through cutting edge researches. We aim to build a unified science of health, learning and behaviour to understand the fundamentals of embryonic-early life development process in human and hence develop effective practice models and solutions to improve the quality of earlychildhood care. We would also focus on developing innovative solutions to global childhood disorders and challenges. Such as Autism Disorder Spectrum, behavioral disorders, emotional literacy, sensory integration, learning disorders etc.
  • We will engage in professional development activities and teaching to build a high-performing group of individuals who will be committed to promoting excellence in earlychildhood development.
  • Gritwel Earlychildhood will provide platforms for interdisciplinary dialogue among global community about childhood experience and explore the current state of childhood including issues affecting education, mental and physical wellbeing, from international, cross-cultural, and cross disciplinary perspective.