Gritwel - Earlychildhood education / Creche Centre

Our employees

Our caring, committed and professional staff members have the passion to get to know your child personally and contribute substantially to its development. They always have a listening ear for your child, as well as for you. Because they are well-trained and have a large amount of pedagogical knowledge and experience, they are happy to share that with you. At Gritwel Earlychidhood, our staff members really devote all their time to the children. This is possible because we work with a household staff member who cleans and prepares a fresh, hot lunch and a full-time office manager who takes care of the guidance of staff members and children, contacts with parents and administrative tasks. This ensures that dedicated staff for activities and child care can give the children their full focus without distraction.


All of our staff members have formal training on earlychildhood development; all centre managers and educators have at least a college (NCE) or university education, with a degree in Education, psychology and sciences. Gritwel Earlychildhood is very committed to continual training to further develop our employees. As part of our career development programs, we register our employees to follow short courses and inspiring trainings at reputable institutions; both within Nigeria and abroad. Click to read about our employees , management team , and advisory directors .

You can meet our employees in person?

You are welcome for a visit and tour around our facilities. Children are welcome as well. To make a visit appointment, please call (+234)177712134-7, Email: . Visit our contact us page to see which gritwel creche center is closest to you.