Gritwel - Earlychildhood education / Creche Centre


At Gritwel Earlychildhood, we provide free healthy meals(including breakfast, lunch, snacks etc.)for children. All our meals are sugar free. We follow strict hygiene guidelines during preparation and storage of food / formula items. Our kitchen facilities are properly cleaned daily with antibacterial cleanser. W have a well trained child nutritionist incharge of our meals preparation.

We follow the following policies regarding nutrition at Gritwel Earlychildhood:

  • Our meals are freshly cooked on our premises
  • Meals must be healthy and well balanced, including fresh fruit or vegetables at main meals
  • We Cater for individual need of each child- we will discuss your child's eating habits with you and any special dietary requirements or food allergies are displayed in the kitchen
  • Children are encouraged to feed themselves. We start with finger foods and special cutlery for babies. Older children are given child size cutlery and taught how to use it
  • We teach children to learn how to use cutlery as they get older and through eating together, they learn about taking fair shares and other necessary skills, including taking equal portions and good table manners
  • Children opinions are respected – no one is expected to rush, or to eat food they do not like, but they will be encouraged to eat their vegetables.
  • Educators take a full part in meal times and will communicate with the children as they feed them, providing a homely atmosphere encouraging conversation and good table manners

  • Curious to see how we are setup ?

    Visit our contact us page to see which gritwel creche center is closest to you. You are welcome for a visit and tour around our facilities. Children are welcome as well. To make a visit appointment, please call (+234)177712134-7, Email: .