News: August 2014 - Gritwel Earlychildhood Limited publicly declared as a social enterprise

In August 2014, all our business subsidiaries were merged to form The Gritwel Earlychildhood Limited, publicly declared as a social enterprise. CDRC; our former Netherlands based research subsidiary became Gritwel Earlychildhood Research Center B.V.

Gritwel Earlychildhood limited is a social and non-dividend Nigerian multinational childcare company, headquartered in Lagos and currently establishing business subsidiaries in more than 10 countries across Africa, Europe and North America. We are set-up to provide a framework for tackling social challenges related to child development and care, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to build a world where full potential of every child can be realized through optimal Health, Physical, Cognition, Emotional and Social Development, especially in the early years. Our vision is driven by the known fact that early childhood is the most rapid and developmentally sensitive period in human life, forming the foundational basis of an assured future. We aim to be a major part of the driving force that advocates for improved quality of childhood care.

Like an NGO, we are very committed to our social mission, but like a corporate business, we generate our own revenues through our dedicated and philanthropic social investors, making us financially sustainable. Our business model does not strive to maximize profits but rather to serve humanity’s most pressing needs. While our investors recoup their investments, all further profits are reinvested to expand our reach and improve our services. As a social company, our focus is to subsidize our services, to ensure affordable social benefits without compromising quality and standards.

Read about our principles as a social enterprise, and our commitments.