Why we invest on child development

The early years of life are very crucial, constituting the foundational formation of socio-emotional behaviors and cognitive functions in newborns. It sets the stage to build the neurological pathways and establish children’s abilities. Earlychildhood period spans from the pre-natal stage, through birth, into the ages of five to eight years. Developments in the early years of life play a very significant and remarkable role in determining the well-being and shaping the future of every child. Effects of neglects in these foundational periods can be very devastating; sometimes leading to lasting mental and intellectual retardness in later adulthood. Infants develop most rapidly, and are very responsive to changes in the early years of life. Adequate stimulation and nutrition are essential for optimal development during this period.

Apart from the remarkable physical growths that occur in earlychildhood, mental capabilities and intellectual functions are also developed. During early childhood, billions of highly integrated neural circuits in the brain are established through stimulation, genetic makeup, environmental interactions and experiences. A more enriching earlychildhood environment and care directly equals better development stimulation. Neurons are constantly building new connections which make memories, learning, reasoning, numeracy, problem-solving, thinking and development of other cognitive functions possible. According to Jean Piaget’s studies, explaining the nature and development of human intelligence, children are born with a very basic mental structure (genetically inherited and evolved) on which all subsequent learning is based and knowledge is developed.

High quality earlychildhood care is the sole option to improve children’s cognition, growths, physical development therapy, attention span skills, memory, curiosity, problem solving skills, creativity and nervous development etc. Over the past decades, there has been a growing recognition of the benefits of high quality early childhood development. Lately, the subject of early childhood development has also attracted lots of research attention in pediatric medicine and developmental psychology, since it actively determines intellectual capabilities and general well being in later adulthood.

The scientifically proven facts describing the importance of earlychildhood period, form the background for our motivations to further support it, and hence constitute the basis for our social business case. As part of our social commitments, we will provide an affordable and world-class standard of child care service which guarantees optimal cognition, physical, emotional and social child development. All our business divisions are strategically established to support this goal. We aim to support families; especially across sub-Saharan Africa, educating them about the scientific importance of earlychildhood education on child development.

Our professional and specialist management team consist of earlychildhood development specialists, who are passionate about child development. They are highly motivated individuals with excellent educational backgrounds and experiences in education, core sciences, psychology, pediatrics medicine, and neurological medicine. Our advisory board directors are highly qualified and internationally recognized senior professionals in the areas of Child development.

As part of our operations, we will also engage in research activities to develop innovative and scientific solutions to childhood development challenges, improve professional practices and build a high-performing group of individuals who will be committed to promoting excellence in earlychildhood development.