Gritwel - Earlychildhood education / Creche Centre

Hygiene & Safety

At Gritwel Earlychildhood, we ensure that every child is cared for in a safe and healthy environment. “Our children...Our safety” initiative explains the background of our commitments to safety. We accept the responsibility to protect the safety and health of all children, employees and families while within our facilities. Gritwel's efforts are grassroots attempts to positively contribute to healthy development of children through our global safety policies. Parents and employees have roles to play in our safety and hygiene policies. Below are few of our safety and hygiene policies:

  • Our facilities are designed for the sole purpose of child development, with careful attention to safety and security. All rooms are installed with CCTV cameras (for monitoring), and intercom telephones (for quick communication with employees). All electrical sockets are installed with a safety cap. Children are well monitored with a fixed room camera during nap time. Our outdoor play area is securely fenced and daily checked. All outdoor play equipments are well placed and secured on a leveled ground. Physical plays are constantly supervised.
  • We maintain a strict procedure regarding dropping and pickup of children. All entrances are fitted with automatically controlled doors and only accessible to the Creche manager. We have computerized child daily schedule recorder.
  • Our facilities and floors are daily steam-cleaned. No outdoor foot wears are allowed into our buildings. Parents and visitors must wear shoe gloves provided at the entrance. Clothes and all baby items are steam washed with advanced child care options. Children are carefully monitored to change diapers at least once in 3 hours.
  • At Gritwel earlychildhood, all our equipments and educational materials are supplied by reputable companies. We have a strict product safety policy which all our suppliers conform to. All Learning materials and educational toys will be properly checked before given to the children, calling the attention of staff in case product is broken or damaged.
  • We follow strict hygiene guidelines during preparation and storage of food / formula items. Our kitchen facilities are properly cleaned daily with antibacterial cleanser. All staff conforms to strict hygiene practice. Children do not have access to any waste. All trash bins are emptied on a daily basis and removal arrangements is made with waste collector weekly.
  • Visit our official Q-HSE page to read more.

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