How we care about children

At Gritwel Earlychildhood, we ensure that every child is cared for in a conducive, well stimulated and interactive environment. We take seriously parental education towards early childhood development. These factors have been highlighted by researches to be the main challenges hindering optimal child development. Over 200 million children globally do not reach their full developmental potential in the first 5 years of birth.

At Gritwel Earlychildhood our utmost commitment is to build a world where full potential of every child can be realized through optimal Health, Physical, Cognition, Emotional and Social Development, especially during early childhood period. Our advance earlychildhood crèche centres provide a world-class standard of earlychildhood learning and care; in the most nurturing and stimulating environment for child development. Our educational curriculum has been designed to offer high quality programs designed for different developmental age groups. Advanced technologies used at our crèche centres includes interactive toys, smart boards, advanced e-flash cards, Mothers voice tutor, e-lullaby, behavioural disorder diagnostic & Intervention tools etc.

Our medical care group provides advanced prenatal clinical services for monitoring child development from the embryonic stages till delivery. Our expertise includes application of state-of-the-art 4D pre-natal scan and embryonic movies starting from week 20 of pregnancy.

As part of our core commitments, we also engage educating parents and families, about the scientific importance of earlychildhood education on child development. We promote professional development activities and teaching to build a high-performing group of individuals who will be committed to advancing excellence in earlychildhood development.

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